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Cruiser Models

We offer many systems for the XS Twins. We also have some new systems for 2016!

  • Reverse Cone Mufflers
  • Big Diameter Headpipes
  • Available in black and chrome
  • 2-2  and  2-1

MAC has been making exhaust for Yamaha bikes for over 40 years! It started with the XS 650 and then came the XS 1100 and so on. Yamaha has made some of the most proven bikes out there and we are proud to offer exhaust for whatever model you might own! Please look through our line and let us know what you think and if you don't see let us know we always welcome your input.

Star Motorcycles have been some of the best selling bikes in the cruiser line. We have all kinds of models available and are working on new systems right now!